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Water Wheel Corporation accelerates green energy developmentWe are accelerating the development of green energy

The new way to invest in solar energy.

We bridge the gap between solar energy potential and green investors. We make green projects more effortless, accessible and profitable.

Water Wheel Corporation bridges the gap between green energy and the capital marketWe offer inventive solutions for solar development

We develop ‘energy companies’ on commercial real estate.

Solar Development Corporation offers ownership, a hassle-free approach and a high-end solar project with a maximum return. We work with reputable partners, have dedicated employees and offer an innovative investment model.

Water Wheel Corporation We make green projects more profitable, accessible and easierWe make projects more accessible and more profitable.

We challenge the status quo in the market.

Our approach offers ownership, an easy process and a high-end solar project with maximum efficiency.

About us

Water Wheel Corporation is the parent company of Solar Development Corporation. We develop solar power projects on commercial real estate. The real estate owner is central to us. Our focus is the real estate owner, and our goal is to accelerate the development of sustainable power with a simple and customer-oriented solution. The result for the property owner is rental income from the property and additionally the return from the generated solar energy. Our process reduces risk and we aim for maximum dividend and quality for real estate owners throughout the entire lifespan of the project.

De geschiedenis van het waterwiel

The following ingredients are required for a water wheel to operate correctly and profitably: the correct ratios in terms of dimensions, absolute symmetry, and the correct transfer ratios and resistance. That is when a water wheel operates at a maximum added value. It seems easy enough at first glance, but it requires a accurate development process.

That is exactly what Water Wheel Corporation does. We offer you the simplest and most flexible solution for creating added value when generating sustainable power. It sounds simple, but the execution has to be meticulous to ensure proper functioning for decades to come. How do we do it? We would love to have a chat with you about it.

Our core values

Water Wheel Corporation - Solar DevelopmentInnovative

We come up with new and innovative ideas for achieving goals. Our method and experience empowers us to have a different opinion. We challenge the status quo.

Water Wheel Corporation - Solar DevelopmentDedicated

We take responsibility and keep our promise. Together, we build sustainable, long-term relationships.

Water Wheel Corporation - Solar DevelopmentHassle-free

We offer reliable and hassle-free solutions for all our stakeholders. Our communication is transparent, efficient and personal.

Our core values

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