Ground Mounted Solar

Creative Solar Solutions

Our approach for ground mounted solar

We arrange the entire process from preliminary study, permit application, citizen participation up to and including the operation of your solar park. Municipalities place high demands on the possibility of participation of local individuals and companies, for this we have set up a special model for citizen participation. We also work with our best-in-class partners for land projects and together ensure a strong reduction of existing risks.

The yield of your solar farm is maximized throughout the entire term, whereby we make optimal use of the power yields. This means that the value of Solar Field BV is always as high as possible.

Feasibility StudyFeasibility Study

Apply for permits
Visual inspection
Technical design
Technical due diligence
Participation plan
Layout and environmental plan

Financing & SDE++Financing & SDE++

Arrange financing
Set up solar project BV
Apply for SDE++ subsidy
Contract utility PPA


Coordination of subcontractors
Network connection request
Construction of solar installation
Technical due diligence

Operational Management

Utility PPA
24/7 monitoring
Maintenance management & optimization
Monthly report
Management project BV

Participation in ground mounted solar projects

Do you want to benefit from solar energy projects but you don’t own a piece of land suitable for solar panels? Via Solar Development Corporation you can participate in a nearby solar field. Through a simple administrative process you can own a piece of your own solar field. This way, local residents can help the realization of sustainable energy projects, to accelerate the energy transition and benefit from the rewards.


Are you a landowner with a plot of 3 ha or more, our model is very interesting for you.

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