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What does an ‘energy company’ for my roof mean?

The development and operation of the solar installation is managed in a special project ‘BV’ (limited liability company). This company will enter into a lease agreement, and also realise and operate the solar roof. The project ‘BV’ means maximum flexibility to deal with any future changes.

Who are your partners?

The expertise of and collaboration with our renowned partners allows us to deliver the best quality. Our partners are:

  • DNV GL: conducts independent technical audits
  • ENGIE Solutions: provides the design and the solar installation
  • Nxchange: responsible for the trade platform
  • Solora: installation maintenance
  • Royal Haskoning: conducts the stability assessment
  • Eneco: purchases the power you generate
How is my data processed?

We value your privacy which is why we always handle your data with care. Your privacy is in safe hands. We are required to handle your data securely in accordance with Dutch privacy legislation. The information you provide is stored in a secure environment and will not be sold or shared with third parties other than our partners. We only share information that is required to install solar panels on your roof.

What stages does the feasibility study consist of?
  1. The first stage comprises a roof stability study to make sure that your roof has enough load capacity.
  2. The second stage consists of an on-site visual inspection.
  3. In the third phase, a design is developed with an associated budget.

Each of these stages is monitored by an independent technical engineering company.

How is my rooftop PV installation financed?
  • We create a unique ‘energy company’ for your roof. Depending on the budget, we offer the possibility to invest in it or offer it publicly through a Green Securities listing at Nxchange.
  • We will apply for the SDE++ subsidy for the ‘energy company’.
  • We offer the possibility of ‘project financing’.
What is the lifespan of the rooftop installation?

Our solution is designed to ensure long-term return on investments. The project ‘BV’ concludes a lease agreement for at least 30 years.

What happens once the lifespan of the installation has passed?

Our solution is designed to ensure long-term return on investments. The project ‘BV’ concludes a lease agreement for at least 30 years.

What distinguishes your solution from other suppliers?

We develop your own ‘energy company’ in the form of a ‘BV’ for your roof. In addition to rental income, you get revenue from the generated power. We also offer financing for your investment. Placing each solar roof in a separate ‘BV’ allows real estate owners to maintain maximum flexibility in their investment. It means we offer real estate owners an easy way to invest in their own solar panels and to become a full owner to generate additional income.

What makes a roof suitable?

Our solution requires the following specifications:

  • Sufficient load capacity
  • Minimum roof surface of 10,000 m2 or multiple roofs of at least 15,000 m2 in total.
  • Consent of your mortgage provider
What is Nxchange?

Nxchange is ‘the next generation stock exchange’ – a stock exchange for direct trade between companies and investors. Nxchange offers stock to be traded on a regulated platform without the involvement of a bank or broker. For more information:

What is an SDE++ subsidy?

The SDE++ subsidy is for the utilisation of renewable energy technology, e.g. for the installation of solar panels. It covers the difference between the average costs of renewable energy and those of regular (grey) energy. This ensures a stable income stream from your installation.

What about insurance?

The solar installation is the property of your own project ‘BV’. We will take out insurance on behalf of the ‘BV’.


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