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Solar Development

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What is meant by an ‘Energy company’ on my roof?

The development and operation of the solar installation is incorporated in a special purpose holding company. This company will hold a building lease on your roof, to enable management and tradability independently from the real estate.

Who are your partners?

We can provide the best quality solar projects through the expertise of and cooperation with our renowned partners.

  • DNV GL: performs independent technical audits
  • ENGIE: supplies the design and installation
  • Nxchange: responsible for the trading platform
  • Solora: maintenance of the installation
  • Royal Haskoning: performs the stability assessment
What happens to my information?

We are required to keep your information safe according to the privacy laws in the Netherlands. The information you provide will be stored in a secure environment and will not be sold or disclosed to any other parties, other than our partners. We only share the information that is needed to install solar panels on your roof.

What are the stages of the feasibility study?
  1. In the first stage, we perform a stability study of your roof, to check whether your roof has sufficient load capacity
  2. Secondly we visit the location for a visual inspection
  3. In the third stage we develop a design and draw up a budget

Each of above-mentioned stages are audited by an independent technical engineering company.

How does the financing of my rooftop PV work?
  • We create a special ‘Energy company’ on your roof. Based on the budget, we offer the possibility to invest in it or to publicly offer it via a listing on Nxchange for Green Securities.
  • We will apply for the SDE++ subsidy for the ‘Energy company’.
  • We offer the possibility of ‘project financing’.
What is the operating lifetime of the rooftop installation?

Our solution aims to ensure long-term returns on investment for at least 30 years.

What will happen at the end of the operating lifetime of the installation?

At the end of the project lifetime, the installation will be removed from the roof. We will take care of decommission on behalf of the ‘Energy company’.

What differentiates your solution from other suppliers?

We develop your own ‘Energy Company’ in the form of a BV on your roof. We also offer you financing solutions for you investment. By placing each sunroof in a separate BV, the real estate owner retains maximum flexibility about his investment. As a result, we offer the real estate owner the opportunity to invest in his own solar panels in an easy way and become a full owner of this with additional revenues.

When is my roof suitable?

To be eligible for our solution, your roof has to comply with the following requirements:

  • Sufficient load capacity
  • Minimum rooftop surface 10,000 m2 or several roofs that adds up to minimal 15,000 m2
  • Proof of permission from your mortgage company
What is Nxchange?

Nxchange is a new generation stock exchange for direct trading in securities between companies and investors. Nxchange makes it possible to place and trade securities on a regulated platform without intervention of a bank or broker being required. For more information:

What is an SDE++ subsidy?

The SDE++ subsidy is awarded to sustainable electricity, heat or gas production. For example, by means of solar panels. The subsidy reimburses the difference between the average costs of renewable energy and that of normal (grey) energy. This assures you of steady proceeds from your installation.

What about insurance?

The solar installation is owned by your own project BV. We will effect insurance on behalf of the BV.


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