Solar Development Corporation

The most profitable solution

The best deal for you as an owner

Your highest possible return on investment consists of rental income, dividend and the multiple. Through our innovative approach, you will retain ownership, control and achieve the highest return.

Our model is groundbreaking

Our fiscal and legal setup has made sustainable investment accessible to everyone; for all real estate professionals, including real estate funds and those who have Fiscal Investment Institute (‘FBI’) status.

We take the user of the building into account

Agreements are made with the user of the building and it is vital to represent their interests, for example, achieving ESG objectives, the insurability of the operation and the quality guarantee of the PV installation.

We challenge the status quo

This is the new way to invest in solar. We create your own ‘energy company’ for your roof or land. Our approach minimises risks, optimises your return and ensures optimal flexibility for any future scenario. To achieve this, we have partnered up with the most reputable parties in the industry.

Rooftop Solar

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Solar Development Company - Ground Mounted Solar PanelsGround Mounted Solar

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Our guarantees

Let us help you maximise your commercial real estate: view the benefits of working with us.

  • Highest return from 3 revenue models

  • Ownership

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Top quality through ‘best-in-class’ partners

  • We co-invest in the solution

  • We take operating your ‘energy company’ off your hands

Are you in?

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